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Martin Reed Magician

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With over 2000 shows & 13 years of worldwide experience, Martin Reed has performed as a Professional Comedy Cabaret & Stage Magician to audiences from as little as 2 to 4000! A highly experienced & entertaining performance for your upcoming event!
Prices: From £484+

Martin Reed Comedy Cabaret Magician's Biography

* Highly experienced Comedy Stage & Close-up Magician - performed at over 2000 events worldwide!
* Performed the World's Largest Stage Illusion making a 16 metre long Lear Jet Aeroplane appear on stage!
* Completed over 100 Cruise Line contracts from huge 4000 passenger ships to intimate 6 star luxury lines.
* 5 year Resident Magician at the 1500 seater Benidorm Palace, Spain
* Able to tailor shows to individual needs, from 5 minutes to 1 hour shows!

"We normally rotate our acts on a 6-12 month basis…we had Martin for 5 years! Martin performed over one thousand shows with us. In this time we were never disappointed and were glad to have him with us. Martin, the door is always open…come back soon!” - Vicente Climent – Director of a 2000 seater Dinner & Dance venue

Martin has performed extensively as a Professional Comedy Stage Magician to small intimate audiences and large corporate events & festivals of up to 4000! Martin can literally cater for any size, type or style of event.

Show Description
Join a consummate showman for a night of magic, illusion and comedy! Martin will spellbound you with his visual magic productions…multiple parasols appear from thin air, silk handkerchiefs turn into solid canes and objects seamlessly levitate around the room! Witness the outcome of a comedy routine that ‘apparently’ needs no rehearsal, followed by a 3 year in the making routine inspired by his great grandfather!

If you also wish to have a celebrity figure, CEO or any other special individual from your event involved in the show, Martin has a hilarious routine to transform the person into an 'Instant Magician'! This is always a big hit and often requested for clients who have seen Martin's show before.

Show length is generally 45 minutes but can be adjusted to the needs of all clients from as little as 5 minutes to a full 1 hour show. With a unique talent to combine magic with comedy, you are guaranteed a fun packed night of entertainment. This is your chance to find out what Martin Reed has up his sleeve!

Watch the video below to view how Martin can make your upcoming event unforgettable!

Although interested since a young child, it wasn’t until the age of 18 that Martin began learning the art of ‘Close-up Magic’. At the age of 21, Martin flew to Spain to attempt to make a living in Magic, performing his Close-up Magic act in bars simply for tips.

After two months performing seven nights per week, he had been noticed by the management of the largest variety show venue in Spain, The Benidorm Palace. It was here that he became the resident magician for five years performing Close-up Magic on spotlight, table to table in front of audiences of over 1000 nightly. Recognising his talent, the Benidorm Palace offered him a spot on the stage, which he accepted by developing and performing a double-act dove and parrot magic act, followed by making a 16 metre long Lear Jet Aeroplane magically appear on the stage, now known as the World’s largest stage appearance.

Gaining a large amount of experience in visual stage magic, Martin decided it was time to develop two full shows coupling visual magic with comedy, which proved a huge success. At the age of 25 he was approached by various cruise lines, where he has been baffling and bringing laughter to audiences over the last 6 years.

Now based in London, Martin performs his Comedy Cabaret / Stage & Close-up Magic Acts at corporate events, weddings and private parties in London, throughout the UK & worldwide on request.

Close-Up Magic Act
With such extensive performing experience, Martin has also mastered the art of witty, comedic Close-up Magic! If gasps, smiles & laughter sound appealing for your next event, visit Martin Reed's Close-up Magic profile here!